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Seltex Adhesives and Primers: The Foundation of Exceptional Wallcovering Installations

 Behind every stunning wallcovering installation lies a crucial foundation—adhesives and primers. Seltex, a trusted name in the interior design and contract wallcovering industry, offers a comprehensive range of adhesives and primers designed to ensure the success and longevity of your wallcovering projects. Let's explore how Seltex adhesives and primers play a vital role in achieving professional and lasting results.


Seltex Heavy Adhesive

Strong and Reliable Bond: Seltex adhesives are formulated to provide a strong and reliable bond between the wallcovering and the substrate. This ensures that the wallcovering remains securely in place, even in high-traffic areas.

Versatility: Seltex offers a variety of adhesive options tailored to different wallcovering materials and installation scenarios. Whether you are working with vinyl, fabric, paper, or other materials, there is a Seltex adhesive that is perfectly suited to the job.

Easy Application: Seltex adhesives are designed for ease of use, facilitating a smooth and efficient installation process. They offer excellent tack and open time, allowing installers to position the wallcovering precisely before it sets.

Minimised Seam Visibility: These adhesives are engineered to reduce seam visibility, ensuring that the finished installation appears seamless and visually pleasing

Longevity: Seltex adhesives are known for their durability, contributing to the long-term performance of wallcoverings. They resist deterioration over time, helping to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the installation.

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Seltex Sealed Surface (VOV) Adhesive

This adhesive is ready to use and is specially formulated to hang vinyl wallcoverings on to an existing non-porous or sealed surface.

A high solids, medium-viscosity blend of synthetic polymers which combine excellent slip and drying characteristics with high initial tack and strong final bond strength.

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Seltex Primer

Surface Preparation: Primers are an essential component of the wallcovering installation process. Seltex primers prepare the substrate by sealing porous surfaces and providing an ideal base for the adhesive. This step is crucial for achieving proper adhesion and preventing issues such as bubbling or peeling.

Adhesion Enhancement: Seltex primers improve the adhesion of the adhesive to the substrate. This enhancement ensures that the wallcovering remains securely attached to the wall surface, even under challenging conditions.

Seamless Finish: Properly primed surfaces create a smooth and uniform backdrop for the wallcovering. This results in a visually pleasing, professional finish with minimized imperfections.

Compatibility: Seltex offers primers that are specifically formulated to work seamlessly with their adhesives and wallcoverings, ensuring a harmonious and effective installation process.

Enhanced Longevity: By using Seltex primers, you enhance the longevity and durability of the wallcovering installation. They help prevent issues such as peeling or moisture damage, preserving the aesthetic appeal of the space.

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Decorators Pack

All essential equipment for hanging wallcoverings, spatch, knife and blades.

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